Thursday, March 12, 2009

Turning a New Leaf

Ok so if you haven't noticed I don't really update this thing as much as I should. Is it laziness? Partially (It's in the name). But I think it mainly has to do with a subconscious hatred for a blog.

Let me explain. When I hear the word blog I think of two types of people:

Type A: The Uppity Cheerleader

Yes, the one that just has to tell about her entire day, brush stroke by brush stroke. She'll tell you such intriguing things like which Jonas Brother (or as she'll call it Jo'Bro) is her "bestie" or what the new spring color is.

Or there is

Type B: The Emo Kid

Let me stroke me acoustic guitar as I explain this type. This blogger is the one who will tell you of their daily tragedies like having to do homework and getting grounded by the parents. A type B is the one you'll find at Perkins at odd hours of the night, drinking their pitcher of coffee, and talking vaguely of politics so it seems as though they're "in touch" with whats going on.

So with me desperately not wanting to be in either of these types, I've decided that I either have to A. Find a new word instead of blog or B. Change the stigma of the word blog.

Now plan A would probably be the easiest and less time consuming, but I'm on a crusade. No longer will people view blogs as a way for a girl to talk about the difference between Snuggies and Slankets. No more will you hear "Oh he has a blog, he must cut himself". No, no people. This is a new generation of bloggers *shudders* and I want you to join me!

Make a blog. "Follow me" and I'll "Follow you"


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