Saturday, August 29, 2009

Who is Cave?

So here is what we know about the band.

Cave is pronounced C-AW-V

They used a picture from our Roof-A-Thon in their psuedo video

That's about it.

I plan on investigating this week and updating you about this mystery band called "Cave" next week.

Lacuna Coil Speaks!

Thought you Lacuna Coil fans may enjoy

Monday, August 17, 2009

The E Hawk

Well took me awhile and a day late but here it is...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Contraversy at it's best

Finally I reveal to you something that will blow your mind!

In fact if I go missing after tonight, you can assume the Government has taken my life for giving away such info

So as you may have figured from the post before, that is a picture of the one and only Mrs. Buttersworth

A lovable syrup lady or scandalous wench? You see Mrs. Buttersworth may have greeted your breakfast with charm, sweetness and a hint of stickiness (that's what she said), but her true plan is Meal Domination.

In comes the one and only Aunt Jamima

Ah yes the hottie of hotcakes, the pancake partier, the sultan of swat...Anyways she is the reason you want Mrs. Buttersworth. She provides you with hot round goodness to pour that warm sugary syrup on. Harmless right? Hardly.

I am here today to reveal that this is one big monopoly. Yes I am here to say Mrs. Buttersworth is Aunt Jamima

Look at these two (or as we are finding out one) buxom beauties. See the similarities, see the joyful and unmistakable love for breakfast? It's been right there in front of our eyes. Mrs. Jamima as we now will call her is a fraud and is out to dominate our breakfast domain. We must unite 979x listeners against this breakfast beast.

Oh and you may be wondering who's the grand conspirator? I leave you with this

So it's been some time

Well big suprise I didn't make my own deadline for a blog, anyways I promised contraversy and I got that for you, but because of me working my morning job I can't quite post it just yet, but to let you know, by the end of the day you will see what I'm talking about.

To give you a tease, it involves this: