Thursday, May 14, 2009

He-Man Connected to Bruce Springsteem

Finally boys and girls time for another installment of

How He-Man Connects the World, I'm your host Lazy E.

Today we'll connect He-Man the Movie to Bruce Springsteen and again this is an easy one to ease you into the whole philosophy.

First we start with an acttress who just needed a little boost to reach the superstardom that she owns right now.

That start was as Julie Winston guessed it, He-Man the Movie

And now most of you know where I'm going with this, with some luck, a well known singer caught eye of this young Friend and decided she's perfect...To Dance in the Dark
Unfortunately YouTube won't let me put the video on here (Damn you Bruce!) but if you just take this minor inconvenience you will see the video that united Bruce Spingsteen to Courtney Cox.
And there you have it 979x Land, Bruce Springsteen Seduced Courney Cox all because of He-Man the Movie.
Reviting isn't it.
If you want me to link someone to this wonderful movie, let me know

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